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Machining is a key process in the manufacturing industry that enables precise shaping and finishing of a variety of materials. At our company, we offer both
traditional conventional solutions and advanced CNC technologies to meet a variety of customer needs and meet even the most complex requirements.

Conventional turning: Conventional machining relies on conventional turning machines to machine various shapes on cylindrical and conical surfaces. We use our experience and skills to deliver parts of high quality and accuracy.

CNC Turning: CNC (Computer Numerical Control) turning is an advanced
technology that allows automatic machining of parts, controlled by a computer. Our CNC turning centers offer precision and repeatability, resulting in reduced production time and improved product quality.

Conventional milling: Conventional milling is a traditional machining process in which the milling machine is guided manually by the operator. We provide professional service and the use of appropriate tools to achieve the desired results.

CNC Milling: CNC milling machining is one of the most advanced processes,
enabling precise cutting of parts with complex shapes. With automated control, our CNC milling centers offer efficiency and excellence at every stage of machining.

Boring: Using a conventional boring and milling machine, we create holes of
desired sizes and shapes in a variety of materials. It’s a technique that enables precise workpieces and parts made of various materials, such as metal or plastic.

Versatility and flexibility

By combining both conventional and CNC technologies, we can provide versatile and flexible solutions for various industries. Our services range from single, one-off orders to series production.

Attention to quality and timeliness

As machining specialists, we place great emphasis on the workmanship of our products. We supply components that meet the highest quality standards, and we take care to deliver on time.


With years of experience and commitment from our team, we are ready to take on even the most challenging machining projects. We believe that our solutions will contribute to the success of your business, ensuring excellence and reliability in every detail.


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