Welded steel structures

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The manufacture of welded steel structures is a key element in the industrial field, providing not only reliable and durable solutions, but also promoting efficiency and safety in a variety of production processes. At our company, we focus on perfecting welding techniques and using advanced materials to deliver structures that meet the highest quality standards.

Welding socket / hand welding jigs: We offer welding nesting and hand welding jigs that make it easier for operators to precisely guide electrodes and realize accurate welds. Our jigs are ergonomic and reliable, which translates into efficiency in the welding process.

Assembly / Inspection Instruments: We provide assembly and inspection
instruments that are essential in the production and quality control process. Our solutions make it possible to efficiently assemble various components and precisely check compliance with the required parameters.

Stacking structures: Our shelving structures provide safe storage and organization of production items. The structures are manufactured based on customer documentation, ensuring that they are tailored to the unique requirements of the ordering party – improving productivity and ensuring order in the plant.

Transport tooling: We provide transportation tooling that facilitates the movement of components within a manufacturing facility. Our solutions reduce material delivery times, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

Transport carts: We offer a variety of transport carts that ensure the smooth flow of materials between different sections of a plant. Their flexibility makes them ideal for various industries.

High quality and compliance with industry standards

As specialists in welded steel structures, we constantly strive for the highest quality of workmanship. We make sure that our constructions comply with the current norms and industry standards, which guarantees the safety and durability of our products.

Versatile use and unlimited possibilities

Our welded steel structures have versatile applications in various industrial projects. Thanks to our flexibility, we can create structures of different shapes and sizes to meet the most demanding tasks.

Innovation and experience

As specialists in manufacturing welded steel structures, we are constantly seeking innovative solutions and using the latest technologies to meet the requirements of increasingly complex projects.


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